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6:30 PM, Tuesday, 27 May

Trade Secrets Today: Now More Than Eve

6:30 – 7:00 pm: Networking and dinner

7:00 – 8:00 pm: Presentation

Location: Zoll Medical Corporation, 269 Mill Road, Chelmsford, MA

Cost: The cost is free, but registration is required by the morning of the 27th so that we know how much food to order.

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The STEM fields are collaborative in nature. Progress involves interchange of information among people, often among people in the same company and sometimes among people from other companies. By its nature, the information is valuable and often is confidential or proprietary to a discloser of the information.

Confidential information can provide a company with a competitive edge. However, when information and ideas are shared, the confidential information is put at risk and valuable property rights could be lost. Therefore, decisions about confidential information must be made. Should information be shared, or should it be kept private? If shared, how and when should it be shared? How much detail should be shared and how should it be disclosed? Should you sign an Agreement to protect your information? What terms are reasonable? Once the confidential information is disclosed, how do you protect your information at another company? What do you to do when you are responsible for another company’s information?

Confidential information is often extremely valuable to a company, but it has to be exchanged by co-workers in order to achieve research/development/sales/support objectives. Decisions about confidential information and ideas must be made about secrecy in the workplace. How much secrecy is enough? How much is too much? When employees change jobs, what information can they take into their new position? What information must they keep secret and for how long?

Trade Secrets are a form of Intellectual Property (IP). In tonight’s talk, we will explore the fundamentals of Trade Secrets and discuss how to harness Trade Secrets Law to protect our businesses. We will discuss the characteristics of Trade Secrets, when and how to employ them, and practical steps to take to facilitate our collaborations but to prevent the loss of property rights from the collaborations. We will discuss types of confidentiality agreements, the terms that may be included in such agreements. We will discuss the document management steps that may be taken to protect information at another company and the steps that may be taken when you are responsible for another company’s information. Finally we will discuss rights and your obligations as they relate to a former employer’s confidential information.

Maura K. Moran is an attorney with extensive experience in IP, licensing, and transactions. She is a Patent Attorney for Zoll Medical Corporation and the vice-chair of IEEE-USA’s Intellectual Property Committee. She has practiced in her own firm, with major law firms, and as inside counsel for global technology enterprises, small businesses, and universities. Maura is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is admitted to the bar in Massachusetts and in U.S. Federal Courts (D. Mass, First Circuit, the Federal Circuit, and the US Supreme Court).

Women in Engineering; Social Implications of Technology

7:00 PM, Wednesday, 23 April

Making science work: business models that integrate science and industry

Fred Ledley

Science policy distinguishes a scientific enterprise, commonly funded by governments and focused on research, from a commercial enterprise, located in industry and focused on translating research advances into applications that benefit society in the form of new products, jobs, and economic value. The success of this translational process requires synergy between the potential of the technology and the business model of the commercial enterprise. Asynchrony between the maturity of scientific understanding or technological capabilities and investment, or dissonance between traditional business models and disruptive technologies can stall the efficient translation of scientific discoveries for public value. There is accumulating evidence that the dramatic progress of contemporary science and technology in areas such as computing, communications, IT, biomedicine, nanotechnology, and agriculture are not producing proportional benefits to the public. Translational science can be accelerated by deploying business models that more effectively integrate critical and creative understandings of science and business.

Fred D. Ledley, M.D. is Professor of Natural & Applied Sciences and Management, and Director of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry, at Bentley University. A recognized innovator, entrepreneur, and executive, he has led successful basic research programs, start-up companies, and progressive academic change. He has published >170 papers in fields ranging from genomics and gene therapy, to education, bioethics, biopharmaceutical development, biotechnology, and business strategy. His current research focuses on characterizing business models for translational science and developing strategies for more efficient translation of scientific discoveries to create public value. Dr. Ledley has served on the faculties of the Baylor College of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and was involved in founding several biotechnology companies including GeneMedicine (IPO- GMED), and Variagenics (IPO: VGNX, serving in executive including CSO, President and CEO. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council, the Board of Overseers of Boston Children’s Hospital, and as a consultant to industry, academia, and government. His novel, Sputnik’s Child, recalls the events that shaped the ideas and lives of the baby boomer generation and laid the groundwork for an age of technology and its challenges

Meeting will be held in the Egan Research Center, Room 206, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115 with Refreshments & Networking from 6:30-7:00pm and presentation from 7:00-8:00 pm.